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Annie Hall leaves New York in the end...
press rewind, Woody gets her back again
ahppy belated 420 to everyone! *o*
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george carlin is fucking insane.. i love it... ha ha.. laugh with me.
i think being skinny is overrated and a waste of time..
well the only reason i am saying that is because i cannot obtain skinnyness (not a word but fuck that bullshit.. ok?) because i have no self control over my eating habits and jaime does not care what shape i am and taco bell has these new enchilida burritos' and i'm fucking mexican and i don't even know how to spell enchilda.. you know what i'm talking about
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i don't understand why everything revolves around money.
i hate it, i really do. i hate money. i wish there was such a place where everyone was equal, people had free health care, a free college education and you didn't have to worry where your next meal was going to come from.
i can't afford to go to college on my own. and the last thing i want to do is to burden my parents by having them pay for it, any of it. my dad is going to turn 60 and the last thing i want him to do is having to worry about paying any of my college, he's been in debt for so many years, why have him worry about me.
i really don't understand any of it. money is the root of all evil.
i can't stop crying and i can't help but think when am i going to finish my education and how many years is it going to take for me to pay it off.
it really isn't fair.
why can't education be free?
i thought this was america.
i can't pay for my car payment, food, gas, clothing, etc and pay for my books for college and then my loan payment to the bank.. it's just not possible.
i'm not smart enough to get any scholarships and fafsa is no help.
i thought i had $500 from my old school, but i was told there was no money earlier today.
it really isn't fair.
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so that whole diet nonsense... well it was just nonsense!
i swear to god i will start it tomorrow.
i'm signing up to take some college classes on friday so i can hopefully move out of adrian in the future..
ah but for now, i will enjoy the snow.

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this is for everyone.
i, bergen, hate the show 'the oc'
orange county, whatever.
you know what, you want drama? take a camera and shoot me busting my ass to make 6 dollars an hour, while i serve people pizza, then take a close up on the zit on my chin, and then take a wide angle shot at my fat face, because i am not 115 pounds.. then you can show my nasty ass old fucking chuck taylor shoes that i paid 10 bucks for, and my walmart jeans that i've been wearing for god knows how long... and then zoom in on my superior makeup job... because god knows i'm an actress in hollywood and my boyfriend can't decide if he wants to fuck me or some dumb bitch down the street because we're both equally cool and we both 'dig cool rock music like the killers' and DKLFJA;LSKFJA;LSFDJ
see, the OC .. i shit on you fox.
i will fucking take the biggest shit ever on your fucking station because you have nothing better to do but pay young actors to portray life of wealthy teenagers who have mothers that are younger than i am!
what the hell!
i'm really sick of tv.
the girl on the oc, maria or misty or oh fuck whatever,
eat something.
and then go do some crack.
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i rule.
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not dead.
had my open house, made a lot of money.
i want to buy a 1997 black jetta.
i want to be a choir teacher.
i want a boyfriend.
i will write more later.
i must say, it has been awhile..
not really but hello.
alright, to let everyone know what has been going on with my life. my parents found out about me having sex with jaime. stacy, his ex girlfriend, wrote my parents a letter and i was confronted about it on friday night. i really don't want to go into details but i went through a lot of bullshit. but now it's wednesday and all of that is behind me. my mom really doesn't believe i had sex, to which i am happy. so now i'm trying to play the innocent teenager. innocent? no. sorry i am not that. last night i went over to his house, and we did engage in uh, yes. i really did enjoy it. i hate lying to my parents but i want to be with him, so the times that i can be, i am.

i have 14 days left of school. i am thrilled. i'm failing my english class so i need to pick my grades up so i can actually graduate, i'm just lazy, and i love to procrastinate.

i've decided to move out when i am 18. i have no clue where abouts i will be living, well in town of course but, i don't want to be under my parents watchful eyes until i am 25.
things are a bit confusing, with jaime and i. work sucks still. school is a complete bitch but what can you do.

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it's okay. i love jesus.
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when i was in pre-k our class went to a farm. the whole point of going to the farm was to see these new born lambs. so our class was really excited. i was too. i thought the lambs were so cute. so we finally got into the barn that had this fence that went all around inside. so this farmer was talking about sheep and how they are born. then he tells us if we want to pet the lambs, we can climb up over the fence to pet them. well, i climbed right up that fence and as i was climbing back down i wasn't watching where i was stepping and i well, fell and landed on a lamb. the kid's were screaming because it made a "bellahhhah" noise when i landed on it. the teacher came and picked me up and all i can remember is landing on this soft little cushion and hearing the "bellahhah". the lamb ended up well, being killed.
yes, this is a true story. it's also my earliest memory, go figure.
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