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i don't understand why everything revolves around money. i hate it, i… - Annie Hall leaves New York in the end...
press rewind, Woody gets her back again
i don't understand why everything revolves around money.
i hate it, i really do. i hate money. i wish there was such a place where everyone was equal, people had free health care, a free college education and you didn't have to worry where your next meal was going to come from.
i can't afford to go to college on my own. and the last thing i want to do is to burden my parents by having them pay for it, any of it. my dad is going to turn 60 and the last thing i want him to do is having to worry about paying any of my college, he's been in debt for so many years, why have him worry about me.
i really don't understand any of it. money is the root of all evil.
i can't stop crying and i can't help but think when am i going to finish my education and how many years is it going to take for me to pay it off.
it really isn't fair.
why can't education be free?
i thought this was america.
i can't pay for my car payment, food, gas, clothing, etc and pay for my books for college and then my loan payment to the bank.. it's just not possible.
i'm not smart enough to get any scholarships and fafsa is no help.
i thought i had $500 from my old school, but i was told there was no money earlier today.
it really isn't fair.
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From: ____truemeaning Date: January 8th, 2005 05:31 am (UTC) (Link)
i know what you mean. it should be free.
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